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Disabilities and illnesses that keeps sex away

Sex is a basic need of man. Its fulfillment mainly involves the readiness and the ability of the couple to meet the requirements needed to perform this love act. But then, our health greatly varies and some people are unfortunate to have illness that cause them to dislike or avoid sex. Its either they have no other choice but to avoid it or their body is not capable to sustain energy to perform it. Here are the diseases that causes sex to go away.

Injuries to the back/Spine problems

The back supports all human activity and whenever it is impaired, chances are the whole body have to compensate and decrease full functioning. Sex is considered a vigorous activity and even healthy people feel tired after doing it. If a back injury is present, sex is not only a difficult activity to do but a painful one as well.

Diabetic neuropathy

because of the nerve damage associated with the disease, erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in women occurs. With these instances, couples are given a hard time to perform sexual acts. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis to hold erection long enough to bring a satisfying sexual experience not only to his partner but also to himself. Vaginal dryness causes irritation to the vaginal walls of the women and puts women at risk of abrasions and trauma to the vaginal wall.

Dryness also reduces the sensation in  sex.

Diabetic neuropathy not only affects erection but can also cause premature ejaculation to men. Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction (MI) is the death of the heart muscle tissue because of the lack of oxygen supplying it. With too much activity, the heart requires more oxygen thus making more heart muscles to weaken and die.

Remember that sex is considered a strenuous activity and performing it can be detrimental to a person’s health especially when he has MI. Actually, all heart diseases requires a person to avoid having sex especially in times when the heart has already exerted too much effort. People with MI are actually allowed to have sex when they have met a set of qualifications for them to be considered safe enough to workout. But the thought of having a heart attack can be make the person too anxious to even try to have sex.


The drive for sex is controlled by the hormones that the body secrete. Hormones are secreted by the testes in males and ovaries in female. When these hormones becomes deficient or absent, they create reactions to the person to have low regard to sex. The most common causes of hypogadism are actually genetic disorders so a person can somewhat predict that sex is not possible when a person have such disorders.

Colostomy Persons with colostomy are not easily identified from a crowd because their disability is hidden under their clothes.

But intimate situations that involve undressing and exposing their private parts cause them to be anxious because this will lead to the discovery of their illness. People have the tendency to deviate from things that are not normal or common. Sex is a very intimate thing for them and engaging in it needs full trust and cooperation from them to their partners.


Sex should be an enjoyable act but when its painful people try to avoid it. Dyspareunia is actually the occurence of pain in the process of sexual intercourse. There are a lot of reasons for this to occur but most of the time it is the women that experiences this kind of ailment. The approach to treating this is dependent on the factor that is causing it, like vaginal dryness. You can try to use water-based lubricants. But then if lubricants doesn’t seem to work, you have to seek medical attention and your doctor will give you appropriate medicines to c ure it.


In order for two people to have sex, the vagina have to have an opening that’s enough to accomodate the penis of her partner. But in the event of an Enterocele (prolapse of small bowel to the vagina) or Rectocele (protrusion of rectum to the vagina), the vagina will not be able to accomodate the penis because its opening have already been decreased in size with the prolapse.

Sometimes, the bulging of the area may not be too extensive to hinder entrance of the penis but then it will bring discomfort to the woman. In the end, frustration may occur and block the couple to engage in sex.

What this couple should know is that this illness can actually be cured they just have to meet their doctor and asked about it.


Epilepsy is the occurrence of episodes of involuntary seizures which is actually a product of neurological disorder. Attacks occur unpredictable and a person with epilepsy may find themselves distance from people because they are afraid to have an attack in a place where people can see them. Besides from this anxiety that they feel, the disease also causes a lot of other illnesses that makes sex an undesirable thing to do.

A study actually stated that women who have epilepsy experience dyspareunia, vaginismus (painful tremors of spasms of the vaginal wall during sex) and vaginal dryness.  But then desire of sex is still there but the anxiety and discomforts that sex brings them in the main inhibitng factor that restraints them from doing it.


The vagina have a lot of muscles in it and they are actually involve in a sexual intercourse most of the time. One important muscle is the pubococcygeus muscle but when this muscle is too sensitive to vaginal penetration, it makes sexual intercourse difficult or impossible to do.

Vaginismus is an involuntary reflex response of the vagina and women do not control it. Just like in dyspareunia, treatment also depends on the cause of this condition. What you should keep in mind is that you should not force it and seek medical advice so that proper treatment will be given.

Peyronie’s disease

The skin surrounding the penis is composed of elastic bodies that stretches and contracts whenever the situation needs it to. But when a scar or wound have penetrated the penis, this elastic body is not that elastic anymore and it will cause the penis to curve when it is erected.

This disease may not be too severe to cause too much discomfort in the sexual department but when the extent of the curvature makes it impossible for the penis to enter the vagina, it then hinders sex. But then this disease may progress without any known cause. The treatment of this disease is already known and persons suffering from this condition need not to worry.


The penis erects when it is activated with libido. Libido increases blood flow into the penis and then increases its size in diameter and in length. Normally, it will return to its relaxed state after the intercourse. But in priaprism, the penis does not relax and remain erected for long hours.

This condition may have been caused by the plugging of the blood vessels that drain blood out of the penis. Having your penis erected for an extended period of time may be desirable for men but you should keep in mind that stasis of blood will induce blood clotting in that area. When this happens, blood flow will be impeded and it will cause that part of your body to be suffocated and eventually to die. You wouldn’t want that, right?